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Joyful Melodies Music School Tuition and Attendance Policies



  1. Registration Fee – $60 for new and re-enrolling private students; group classes do not incur this fee.

  2. Monthly Tuition – Private lessons are charged on a monthly basis, due on or before the 10th of every month (a $25 late fee will be assessed after this time). There are NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  3. Returned Checks – If a check "bounces," the student's account will incur a $50 fee.

  4. Tardiness – Please be prompt for each lesson. The teacher will not make up time due to a student’s late arrival!

    Private Lessons

  5. Missed lessons – We must charge the full lesson rate unless 24-hours advanced notice prior to the scheduled lesson time is given via email, telephone, or walk-in. No make-up lessons or other credits will be offered for such missed lessons.

  6. Allowable Cancellations – Every calendar year, each student may cancel up to four lessons if 24-hours advanced notice prior to the scheduled lesson time is given. Once all four cancellations are used, a student must make up the lesson or be charged. 

  7. Emergencies – If a student is unable to give 24-hours advanced notice due to illness, a make-up lesson may be arranged at the teacher's discretion when called PRIOR to the lesson time

  8. Observed Holidays – Joyful Melodies will not count lessons as "missed" if they fall on holidays listed at the bottom of this form.

  9. Teacher Absence – Many of our teachers are working professionals, and sometimes need to reschedule. If a teacher is absent, the student has four options: 1) Work with a substitute teacher, 2) Schedule a make-up lesson before or after their teacher leaves/returns, 3) Use an "allowable cancellation" if no make-up is desired, or 4) Extend the next lesson time to count as their make-up lesson.

  10. Make up lessons – Any outstanding make-up lessons must be scheduled with the front desk staff three months from a known missed lesson. After this time, the lesson is forfeited and will be charged. 

  11. Withdrawals – Any student who misses/cancels four or more consecutive lessons without notice will be considered "withdrawn" from the school; Joyful Melodies will not hold the student’s reserved lesson time and instructor. If the student wishes to continue, they will need to re-enroll (see #1 above).

  12. Multiple Lessons & Siblings – If a student or siblings are taking lessons from multiple teachers (more than one instrument), the family must inform the front desk staff and all their teachers if they plan to miss/reschedule/cancel a lesson or they will be charged (see #5 above). 

  13. Discontinuation of  Lessons – If a student decides to discontinue private lessons, the front desk staff and the teacher must be given at least 30 days notice. Any remaining "allowable cancellations" cannot be applied to the 30 days discontinuation notice, and Joyful Melodies will not refund any tuition for unfinished lessons.

  14. Termination – Joyful Melodies Music School and our teachers and staff reserve the right to terminate lessons or our services at any time for any reason. If we do so, we will refund any remaining balance to our student minus any outstanding charges.

    Group Lessons

  15. No credit or make-up lessons will be given for students who miss any group class session.


Joyful Melodies Observed Holidays


  • New Years Day (Jan 1st)

  • President’s Day (Feb)

  • Memorial Day (May)

  • Independence Day (July 4th)

  • Labor Day (Sept)

  • Thanksgiving (Thurs Only)

  • Christmas (Dec 25th)


Note: school may still be open on these days for lessons if desired, please contact us for more details!

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