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Welcome to Joyful Melodies
Joyful Melodies Music School is dedicated to providing high quality music education to children and adults. Our mission is to instill and foster a passion for music in our students. We believe that every student, given the right environment and commitment to learning, is capable of developing a love and proficiency for music. 
At Joyful Melodies, we believe that music is an essential and beautiful part of the human endeavor. We believe that music education at any age, but especially when started during the early childhood years, builds creativity, independence, and confidence. Scientists at Stanford University have shown that children who take music lessons perform better academically than those who do not and other researchers have found that formal music training is highly beneficial to a child’s analytic and creative development. We believe that music education not only opens the eyes of our students to the world around them, but better equips them to handle the issues they will face in the future.
We offer group lessons and private lessons at our beautiful Cupertino studio and group lessons at many preschools and elementary schools throughout the Northern California Bay Area. We can also provide private lessons at your home if requested. Our highly-trained teachers, most of whom have advanced degrees in music from leading universities, are talented professionals dedicated to providing their students with the best in music education.

We welcome you to join the Joyful Melodies family! Let us show you how we create a passion for music.


Carol Liu

Executive Director

Carol Liu is the Founder and Director of Joyful Melodies Music School in Silicon Valley, California. Joyful Melodies provides group and private music lessons to adults and children of all ages in a variety of musical disciplines, and has educated thousands of students since its founding.

Carol received her Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance and Composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and her Masters of Music in Music Technology from New York University. She served for many years as the Vice President of the Santa Clara Branch of the Music Teachers’ Association of California, the premier United States professional pedagogical music organization that coordinates and administers the internationally-renown Certificate of Merit (CM) program. Carol also received her Music Together teacher certification in 2004.

Carol has over 20 years of experience teaching music and piano to students of all ages. In particular, she is passionate about early childhood musical education because of the impact music had on her life beginning at a very young age. Her early childhood awareness music programs have been used extensively in schools in the United States, Taiwan, and China to introduce young students to the joy and excitement of music.

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